June Aistear theme: Water

The June Aistear theme in Mrs Warde’s room was Water and The Laundrette.  Children had fun experimenting with water, learning new words and  listening to the safety measures that apply on the farm, by the pool and at the beach.

Socio-dramatic Area: The Laundrette.                                                                              One of the children made a washing machine from a large cardboard box. The children talked about Summer and winter clothes, they sorted clothes according to colour and they discussed various types of fabric.  Using a laundry basket, , clothes line, clothes pegs,an iron and ironing board and a variety of wash-day items, the children pretended to carry out all the tasks involved in running a laundrette or doing a wash at home.

The Water table                                                                                                                         The children had an opportunity to experiment with maths and science concepts, strengthen their physical skills and enhance language development at the water table. They used sieves, scoops,bowls, colanders, plastic bottles, sponges,spoons and cups to pour,squeeze, stir, and squirt.  They learned about floating and sinking and water displacement while improving their hand/eye coordination. It was also lots of fun!

Construction Area                                                                                                                           The children used wooden blocks to create swimming pools and diving boards. They chatted about safety around the pool area.

Creative area                                                                                                                             Pauline helped children in the creative area to paint Summer scenes involving water – beaches, pools and rainbows!

Aistear visitor                                                                                                                                          Past pupil and lifeguard, Tara Higgins, visited our classroom and explained all the safety  Rules and Regulations regarding Kilmovee swimmimg pool. She brought along the Lifeguard T-shirt, armbands and floats and stressed the importance of following the lifeguard’s instructions.



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