JEP Business Person Talk-Pat Towey,Towey’s Spar Express &Top oil.

Pupils in 5th & 6th class are partaking in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP).As part of the programme a business person is invited into the school to speak about the journey of becoming an entrepreneur.Mr.Pat Towey was the ideal choice for the pupils as only last year he sponsored a complete set of jerseys for the school team. On Wednesday,Feb.21st,Pat gave a very informative talk on setting up your own business.He emphasised the importance of having a dedicated team to work with;of having a clear plan and sticking to it.He also said that you should enjoy what you are doing ,that money wasn’t the only reason to be in business.Pat gave advice on marketing and even placed an order for our JEP product, keyrings. He received two valuable pieces of advice from his parents.His Mother Annie told him not to spend money he didn’t have and his father Mattie advised him to get to know his customers. This advice has stood him well and he now owns a thriving petrol station plus supermarket. Following his talk the pupils had a question and answer session with Pat.The visit concluded with a photo shot and the pupils enjoying some lovely treats that Pat had brought from his deli counter. Sincere thanks to Pat for all his help and information.

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